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Need a little inspiration this month?  Check this video out.  I found it on Amy Welborn’s Via Media.:

This one is almost even cooler.

Update:  I decided to make the second one a link so as not to overwhelm this post visually.  Both of them are worth checking out.


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This weekend I was reading a reflection from Praying with St. Paul at breakfast.  The author, Fr. James Martin, S.J., remarked that “God takes delight in you!” and that in little ways, God shows us that he likes us, that he takes delight in us.

When I showed up to run the 5K at St. Richard’s this weekend, I stopped in quickly to get my registration materials, number, and t-shirt.  This is what I found inside:

scan0002Yes, that’s right, I had been given the number one as my race number.  I felt pretty special.

Then, later that day, I received this card from my eight-year-old brother in the mail.  It was perfect.

scan0003Well, that pretty much sums it up.  Thanks, God.

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